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"Don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out alive"

What a treat!

FrenchFest_2006_Theater, originally uploaded by hanlian.

Thanks to Paul for getting a ticket for me, I was lucky enough to catch 'Men Without Shadows' in conjuntion with the French Art Festival at the Panggung Bandaraya in KL.

No idea where that is? Neither did I but after googling for the map, I realised how easy it was to get to the place, just in front of Dataran Merdeka.

I actually enjoyed myself very much during this play despite the initial notion that most plays are boring. At the end, I felt for the characters. It was that good. Really enjoyed Himanshu Bhatt's character, Canoris, a greek.

The set design were fabulous and quite simple too but it works just fine for the play.

If you missed this one, you can still catch it when they move down to Johor for the Johor Art Festival on the 20th of this month, if I'm not mistaken. Just check for more information.

Man, now I wish I was down in Singapore this weekend for the Singapore Art Festival. Instead, I have to go for a church family camp up in genting till Tuesday. *dang*

I mean... whee, I'm going for family camp in Genting. :-|

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At 6/06/2006 05:59:00 PM, Anonymous Francoise said...

hehe hi, i'm glad you enjoyed the show. I just googled men without shadows and it brought me here. I'm francoise from the play btw. Thank you so much for appreciating our work. If you have any questions, my email is Thanks again.

At 6/07/2006 10:41:00 AM, Anonymous dDoinkster said...

Wow, a celeb visiting my blog. :D

Thank you so much for leaving a comment.

Actually, I should thank you for putting on a great show. I was quite surprised that just with your voice and no mics on stage and still the panggung was filled with all your voices.

If things work out, I might just catch the show again in Johor. When will you guys go down to Johor?    

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